eternity soup


So yesterday I went to harlem to watch my best friend get her hair done then I went back to my house to clean up…
fanoflove Nov 11, 2013

personal problems

people care more about smoking weed then their significant other.. i mean this is some shit.. i hate that i still have feelings for him…
fanoflove May 11, 2013


tonight i plan on finishing an old project and heavy duty cleaning.. i hope that i dont have the bug of death
fanoflove Mar 04, 2013
some shit i dont likevid

some shit i dont like

some shit i dont like 
fanoflove Feb 12, 2013

personal update

this week was pretty stressful, but i plan on making my weekend extradoniary  i went to a reading last night which was pretty good, my favorite…
fanoflove Dec 01, 2012

my thanksgiving

my thanksgiving was super fun.. i went on a mini road trip to delaware and met up with a bunch of fam and had the…
fanoflove Nov 24, 2012

ill be starting a new web series

ill be starting a new web series.. or just a series of vlog videos by me where i just talk about all sorts of things…
fanoflove Nov 03, 2012

so much work so little time

i am overflowing with work and im so sleepy all the time.. i want to be so much more awake man.. anyway here are some…
fanoflove Oct 08, 2012


ive spent most of my life asleep. im awake but im not really living, but im aware. i want to do so many things but…
fanoflove Oct 01, 2012

inspiration blog

today i am having quite the productive day around the house. i am taking a long bubble bath and watching the really bad 90s movie…
fanoflove Jul 20, 2012
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i have a permanent smile on my face.. i live my life in sun dresses and cut up t shirts and feathers and laughter and music and art and books.. i am filled with sadness and happiness.. im usually a good time

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